Tinder Vs Lumen

While countless dating apps have been released over the years, none have had the cultural impact as Tinder. The most popular dating app in the world, Tinder has been credited with revolutionising online dating for a younger generation, celebrating hook-up culture, and introducing the term swipe right (or left) into everyday language.

Of course, most people have heard of Tinder but not everyone has used it. Most of the user demographic on Tinder are aged between 18-35, leaving a rather large gap for older singles looking for love, casual fun, or a bit of both.

There may not be a gap in the 50+ dating demographic on dating apps for much longer though, with the launch of the much-hyped Lumen. Cited as the 'Tinder for over 50s', this dating app promises to offer all the perks of the popular dating app while catering to an older age demographic.

Let's take a closer look at Lumen and how differs from Tinder!

Luman Dating App

The Big Difference - User Age

As you might expect, the biggest difference between Lumen and Tinder is the age of the users. While Tinder does have users aged 50 and above, it makes up a fraction of the userbase, with over half of all Tinder users being aged 24 and under!

In contrast, Lumen users are all at least 50 years all, so you won't find anyone younger than this age on the dating app.

Why? Because they've restricted the minimum age of users to 50 years old! This is done to encourage older singles to use the dating app, with the big selling point being it's not flooded with younger people that you wouldn't waste your time with.

Tinder's minimum user age is 18, so there is a big difference here!

More Real People, Less Bots

Another big difference between the two dating apps is how the lack of bots. Due to its popularity, Tinder has countless fake profiles that aren't even used by real people, instead being controlled by bots that spam fake messages to unsuspecting users.

Lumen doesn't have this issue as it uses a comprehensive verification process. This involves uploading selfies for verification, which is compared to other photos uploaded to the profile to ensure the person is real.

It's a nice addition to Lumen and one that ensures that users don't need to worry about fake profiles and cat fishing.

Lumen Groups - Another Way to Meet People

Another cool feature on Lumen that isn't present on Tinder is the use of a social group chat, called Lumen Groups. A similar feature was on Tinder before, known as Tinder Social, but this was removed so is no longer available.

This is basically a group chat for local people using Lumen, letting you chat away in different groups based on hobbies and personal interests. This is a great way to meet other users without the traditional matching and swiping system!

Just hit the user's thumbnail and you have the opportunity to view their profile and message them.