Stitch Review

Stich takes a unique approach to online dating, marketing itself more as a social media platform designed for people aged 50 and above. Instead of pressuring users into arranging dates, people are encouraged to seek out friends and companions for any type of socialising.

So, whether you're looking for someone to share activities, go travelling, eat out with, or even find some romance, Stitch aims to help you find exactly what you're seeking.


Stitch is a social networking platform for people over 50 seeking other people to share their lives with. While not exclusively for dating, the website does cater to those seeking out an intimate relationship, while you can also use it to find friends and groups enjoying various social activities.

When singing up for Stitch you choose what kind of relationship you're seeking, so when you choose dating the site essentially becomes a dating platform for singles over 50. If you're nervous about getting back into dating, you can opt for companionship and then change it later when you know you're ready.


Registering with Stitch is very simple. After providing an email account and creating a password you fill in the standard personal information and then upload a few photographs. You're then asked about one activity you want to do but have nobody to do it with - this can be anything from eating out to going on vacation!

You then let Stitch know what your search criteria is for the site. This is basically when you let them know whether you're wanting to date or just find friends and what your gender is. You also let Stitch how far you're willing to travel, with options including driving distance, train trip, flying distance, or anywhere in the world.

Finally, you'll answer a variety of personal questions to help the site get a gauge on your personality, interests, activities you want to take part in, and what type of person you'd like to date. These are all written answers rather than multiple choice so take the time to answer them.

After this you're sent to homepage and are ready to use Stitch!


There are a few pricing options available on Stitch, including a free basic membership and a full paid membership. Paid memberships have two categories - community and community the plus - the latter of which is ideal for people using the site for dating as it lets them view a lot more profiles of fellow singles.



Stitch wants to offer a safe and private place to network and find dates for over 50s, so they utilise a robust verification process to ensure you are exactly who you say you are. They ask for very personal info, such as social security no, to ensure they can verify you.

This ensures that most profiles are 100% legit and not fake or scammers, while most people you come across on the site are very serious and passionate about finding romance and companionship.


Stitch matches you with various users based on you how you answered questions during the verification process. These include matches of people that are looking for romance, friendship, or both, while you can see various info on each profile such as location, interests, photos etc.

You can choose to match with this person by saying you're interested or simply say you're not interested. Users don't get informed if you choose not interested! Should you both choose interested then you become 'Stitched'

All Stiches can be managed from the Stiches tab in the homepage, where you can chat, view their profile, or delete their information.


You need two things to occur in order to message another user on Stitch - both choose interested when matched and both have verified accounts. If this is the case then you simply go the Stitches tab, which is basically all your interested matches, and then start messaging them from there.

A few messaging options are available, including a standard online messaging system and a voice calling system that uses a secure line to chat in person without revealing your phone number.


Here you can check user listed for upcoming socialising events in your area. These are mostly group events though so you're not garuanteed to find a date - but you may find someone special at the event and hit it off from there!


Stitch takes a unique approach to online dating by not focusing entirely on romance, instead adding companionship into the mix. This a good option for many over 50 singles that simply want to spend time with other people or for anyone nervous about getting back into dating.

Using it for dating is a good choice though as the users here are passionate about finding love or something more casual, so it should be easy enough to find what you're looking for. A lack of users is a drawback, although this may change given Stitch's relative newness.

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