Tips for Senior Singles Finding a Serious Relationship Online

Finding love again later in life can be a difficult process. Whether widowed, divorced, or simply a senior single, older people over 50 that want to find a serious relationship can now turn the world of online dating. It's a far cry from traditional dating, especially what many seniors were used to in their younger days, so the prospect of online dating as an older person is understandably daunting.

Yet getting into the dating pool is a daunting prospect at any age, so there is no reason to not embrace online dating if you are single and looking for love. To make the process that bit easier, follow these online dating tips for senior singles over 50:

Senior Singles Finding a Serious Relationship

Getting Started

No idea where to begin with online dating over 50? You certainly aren't the only one! Before you join any website and start chatting with single seniors, it's a good idea to get some recommendations and do some research.

Ask for Recommendations

Has a friend or relative used online dating sites for over 50? Then make sure to ask them for some recommendations! Talking with someone that knows the online dating world is a great way to prepare yourself for the unexpected, including what sites to use, how to create a profile, general online dating etiquette etc.

Start Researching Dating Sites

It is always a good idea to research dating websites before you sign up for anything, as not all dating sites are worth your time. Remember, dating sites often have a specific niche, many of which are tailored towards people aged 50+, so be sure to check out all your options.

Look for reviews of best dating sites for over 50 and check which websites are free and which have paid memberships. While it may seem like a free dating site is your best option for finding a serious relationship, these memberships often lack many useful features and lead to many fake profiles and time wasters.

All-purpose dating websites are a good place to start, as these have a wide userbase that makes it easier to find fellow single seniors.

Creating a Good Dating Profile

Once you join a dating website you need to create your profile. This is important because it's the first impression others have of you on the site, so it's well worth taking the time to create an honest yet engaging profile.

Don't Lie

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to an online dating profile - don't lie about your age, what type of romance you want, or any personal details (e.g. weight). Misleading people is not going to help find a serious relationship no matter how good the intentions are!

Answer All the Questions

When creating dating profiles, you'll get asked all kinds of questions about yourself and what you're looking for in online dating. Answer all these questions, as the more detailed your profile the higher the chance you have of matching with other people that share similar interests.

Get Some Help

Writing about yourself on a dating profile can be difficult, so why not get some help from friends or family? Ask someone to help you fill out the profile, as having an objective view on things can really help make the profile look much better and less dishonest.

Be Original

Clichés are rife on online dating profiles so try to avoid them at all costs. If your interests or personality sound like a checklist of clichés (e.g. long walks on the beach, love to travel, hate taking about myself) then people are likely to skim past your profile as they've seen these countless times already.

Take a Flattering Photograph

Once you've answered all the questions and filled out your dating profile you need to add one or several photographs. This is important because it's what other users will see before they decide to contact you.

Get someone to take a few photos of you and make yourself look naturally flattering. Don't try use filters or anything to hide your age - be 100% honest with who you are!

Temper Your Expectations

Now that your profile is ready it is time to get started! Before you get started, remember to have realistic expectations about what you're doing. Many profiles are fake or dishonest, so there may be times when someone is too good to be true - and they probably are.

Take Your Time

Remember that online dating over 50 takes time. You won't fall in love with the first person you chat with and will likely go on a few unsuccessful dates. It's all part of the online dating game so don't be disheartened if things don't go as expected right away - these things take time!