Senior Dating: Patience is Key

The prospect of dating later in life may seem overwhelming and even impossible to you now that you find yourself at this point. However, it doesn't have to be something to dread or even feel anxious about. We all desire companionship in our lives at any age, and you should never let your age be something that gets in the way of you finding companionship, love, or friendship. The biggest thing to remember about senior dating is that making any sort of connection is going to require a little time and patience on your own part to make sure you have a quality match.

Senior Dating

Where to Start

You have a few options when it comes to approaching senior dating at a more mature age. The first place to start and to ease into things is to use your connections to your advantage. Talk to your family member, friends, or close members of your social circle. See if they know of anyone that is in the same walk of life as you who is looking for something similar.

Communicate your intentions to these people, and see if they can help you set up a meeting or an outing with a potential friend or companion. Another great option is to give an online senior dating website geared toward your age group a shot. This can let you see what is out there for you and even give specifics.

Another great option is to get out in the over 50 dating community and either take some enrichment classes or community education classes at local rec centers or your community college. Several institutions offer classes for a wide variety of interests from learning to paint to taking on a second language. This can be a great way to meet other people your age, and some classes may even be geared toward your age range. This way you know you already have something in common with the people you're meeting.

Actually Going on Dates

Once you have exercised patience and effort in making a connection with a potential date, it'll be time to actually go out. First, the two of you should agree to do something low stress and out in the open. It's best to go during the day, where you can sit and talk or even participate in a simple activity together. Coffee is a great choice, or going for a walk in a beautiful park. You may even consider meeting at a bookstore to peruse the stacks and discuss that if it is something of interest to you.

The big thing is to keep your engagement for your first meeting short, no more than an hour or two. Get to know each other a bit and build up a sense of comradery. It's also important that you keep the conversation light. Save personal information and sensitive information about yourself close at hand until you have established a bit of a longer relationship together.

You should only go out with one person at a time and make sure that you're open about your expectations with them from the beginning. It can be tempting to rush in quickly, but remember, dating over the age of 50 is all about exercising patience. You will have plenty of time to get to know one another, so be upfront about what you want and what speed you'd like to move.

Final Considerations

Some final things to think about as you embark on dating again in your mature years will help you keep the right frame of mind and let you enjoy the process. It is a good idea to tell your family and friends that you are getting back in the game. This will avoid surprises and give them a chance to adapt to the change. Meet in a public space at an earlier time of day—late morning to early evening are the best times for meeting up, as public places will be a bit busier and therefore safer for a first encounter. Keep your personal information to yourself at first. It's also a great idea not to rush into a new serious relationship too soon. All of these tips will get you going in the right direction.