Dating vs Relationship: Move from Dating to Relationship

Many people, especially the male folk are really good at attracting women on dates, but they always seemed to have trouble moving from dating into serious relationship. When you look at dating vs relationship deeply, you will notice that both are not the same thing. Most people only date but do not have good relationship. There is confusion about these two intimate concepts. There are some people who are in serious relationship, but do not know it. They think they are dating when in actual fact they are in a relationship. If you are still in this zone, how can you move on from there into a more serious relationship? Let us now look at how to do that.

3 Tips for you: Move from dating to relationship

  • Share Your Life Experiences

When you are have a date with someone, all you do may just be to share jokes, go out together, share drinks and foods, and talk about interest and things like that. Nothing too serious. However, to move from dating to relationship, you should have conversations that show your personal side and reveal your mind. This does not mean that you spill out every little detail about your life. If you do this, you will soon find out that you have exhausted every piece of information about yourself within short period of time. Move along slowly, yet seriously. You can let details about your life come out little by little as both of you progress. Let your partner find out some interesting and unexpected surprises along the way.

Moreover, your partner should be able to tell what kind of person you are, your ambition or something that you truly believe in and you are going to stand for no matter what. If you are a man, these are what tell about your personality. She must know that you are human and you should share some of your vulnerabilities about your life. What you share could be a childhood struggle you went through. It could also be about how you were scared going on your first vacation outside your home city.

  • Dignify Her Femininity

To actually move from dating to relationship as a man, you need to make her feel like a woman. Some women just want to be treated as they are and you should know this and understand what she may be thinking or going through. Dating vs relationship or difference between a relationship and mere dating is that you dignify her femininity more than when you were merely dating. You can make her feel like a woman, by flirting, by appreciating her values and her personality. Make her feel gorgeous and sexy. And one of the best ways to make her feel like a woman is ensuring that you are verbally expressing your appreciation for her natural beauty.

  • Be Fun to Be With

Do not just be a drab fellow or the all too serious guy. Have a sense of humor. Yes, having sense of humor is very important in a relationship. Try to be funny generally without copying other people. Simple and natural jokes are okay and will impress her. When she senses your particular sense of humor, she will respond and that will keep the conversations light and moving. It makes her feel happy with you and with herself.

With what we have discussed regarding dating vs relationship, you can see how easy to move from mere dating to relationship. Try out the suggestions above and you will soon a change in the way you relate.

This entry was posted by Admin on 01/07/2016