Five Love Languages

What is love languages? i don`t mean those languages of other country. I am talking about the languages that can express your feeling of your heart to your partner. In another word, they are 5 ways for you to communicate with the one you love. Here are the 5 languages of love.


affirmationWe feel Romance Alive when we hear the words of affirmation from the other part. Such as “i love you”, or being encouraged, supported.


ActionsAs the words in the picture "Actions speak louder than words", talk is cheap, you need do things to your partner, like cleans the room, cooks. Use your real action to make your partner feel your love.


giftNo matter the gift is cheap or expensive, people feel most loved when received gift. Send gift makes your partner feel that you really care about the relationship between both of you.


PHYSICAL TOUCHBeing kissed, hugged, holding hands, sometimes or sex, nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate touch. It can be your primary love language.


quality timeFor some people, words of affirmation may not have effect, then quality time may be your choose. Enjoy weekend together, sharing happiness or sadness, spend quality time with your partner can let you be fully present.

So which one is your love language?

This entry was posted by Admin on 01/07/2016