LumenApp Review

Marketed as Tinder for over 50, Lumen is a dating app exclusively for people aged 50 and above. Using strict verification processes to ensure no fake profiles or bots, Lumen wants to make online dating safe and easy for its members while offering a selection of useful features for sparking a romance online.


Lumen is a mobile application available for iOS and Android devices. It is marketed as the first dating app for the senior singles, meaning that all users must be at least 50 years old. Various verification steps are taken to ensure that members are within the age limit and that their profile is honest and reliable.


Registering an account with Lumen is quick and easy. There are two options for signing up - synching with a Facebook account or providing a phone number.

Using Facebook speeds the sing up process even more, as Lumen uses basic info on your Facebook account to create the profile. Providing a phone number means you need to fill out more personal information for your Lumen profile, but even this won't take more than a few minutes.

In either case you need to provide Lumen with two photographs along with all your basic info. This is an important step as the app uses strict verification processes to determine you are actually 50+ and who you say you are.

The strict security processes are a great feature of Lumen, giving users more assurances that other members are who they say they are.


Lumen is completely free to use including its messaging system, meaning you can get a lot of use from the app without ever spending a cent. There is a paid option available with Lumen, although it's not an on-going subscription fee like most other dating sites, instead being in-app purchases that grant access to additional features.

For example, free users are limited to five conversations each day. Once you reach this limit you cannot message other profiles unless you make in-app purchases for additional conversation privileges.

So, the app is mostly free to use providing you keep within the daily conversation limit! This is a great option for any over 50 seeking a budget-friendly dating app, letting you test the waters of online dating without committing any money.


Location-Based Matching

The main comparison that Lumen shares with popular dating app tinder is that it uses a location-based matching system. This basically means you get paired with other users of the app that are within a specific proximity to your location, saving the hassle of connecting with someone that lives halfway across the country!

Simply download the app, register an account, and provide your location and then Lumen will create a list of potential matches based on your location. It's very convenient and saves you looking through endless profiles from users that are nowhere near you - it's hard to arrange a date when they live 100s of miles away!


The discover page is where you are matched with fellow users to see if any are of suitable interest. Despite being marketed as a Tinder for over 50, the app doesn't use Tinder's swiping system when matched, instead providing you with a list of users that you can pick and choose from.

There are a few filter options to help get better results in the discover page, including what age range you're looking for and whether you're interested in men, women, or both. When you see someone you like, simply click on their profile where you can look at their photos, jobs, location, and other info.


A unique feature of Lumen is the icebreaker, which is a 50-character limit that you need to use when messaging someone for the first time. It's a simple way of encouraging a decent icebreaker that involves meaningful conversation, which is another step Lumen is taking to encourage mature communications between its members.


Lumen is an excellent mobile dating app designed specifically for people aged 50 and above. It's completely free to use and you can use most of the app features without paying, while the user interface is sleek yet simple to operate.

The only drawback is there is a lack of users, which is because the app was only recently launched - expect it to become one of the hottest dating apps for over 50 singles!

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