Women`s Samples

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Women`s Sample 1: Illustrative
I graduated from a five-year master program in architecture three years ago. I`m career-driven and want success in every aspect of my life. I`m very adventurous and like to live life on the edge. The words random and spontaneous describe me well. I`m pretty much game for anything. — Confident and proud of education. Ambitious but not overbearing

For example, I decided to dye my hair red…at 2 AM with mu best friend a couple days ago. Another example is when I decided to move to New York, find a new job and an apartment all within a week. Or lastly, when I moved to Switzerland – I decided a month before I ended up leaving. I just love doing things without notice. — Great chances for someone to start a conversation. How did you decide on red? Why/when did you move to New York? What was your first NYC job? Etc.

I have a passion for traveling and would love to experience more diverse cultures. I`ve traveled a lot in Europe, all over the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. I plan to go to South Africa nest January and I`m eager to see the rest of the world. — Good examples – again, creating opportunities for conversations if the guy had also traveled to these places. Much better than saying “I like to travel”

Women`s Sample 2: Good Humored
Still pretty new to NYC…moved here in September, and while I can honestly say that I love it, I know that there is so much more to experience. I still get the chills when someone asks me my address and I finish it off by saying, “New York, NY.” — Adds a personal touch rather than just saying “I like New York”

I mostly define myself as a runner, and if you`re a runner too, you know what that means! I`ve run seven marathons with a few more up my sleeve.(Good accomplishment) I love most sports and often spend my weekends watching a healthy dose of football. I`m easy to spot…I`ll be the one singing Bear Down. (Lighthearted! Great!) I still hold onto my childhood dreams of catching a ball at a baseball game. — Again, adding color to her interests and including a personal touch.

On a less serious note, I can often be found dancing around my living room. Please note that i make no promises about my dancing skills, but I certainly have a good time. — Have fun with is girl! You are a person, not a profile!

Women`s Sample 3: Approachable
Happy, healthy, loving, 25 year old looking for a great guy. I`m at a great place in my life. — Positive. Good tone

I love music and going to see it live so it would be nice to meet someone who enjoys that. No, I`m not referring to Carrie Underwood concerts. More like Avett Bros, Band of Horses, WSP, Kings of Leon, etc. (Great!!! Now the guy knows what kind of music you like and can start a convo about those artists) I`ve been a brunette my entire life and decided to completely change my hair color a few weeks ago. I`m having fun with it. Pandora is pretty much the best thing ever. I love an ice cold Stella in a bottle. (Shows to spontaneity and personality without explicitly saying it. Good.) I was a debutante. Ray charles was born in my hometown. (Great way of saying “I was born in a traditional southern town)

Cooking is a passion and there`s nothing better than a kitchen full of friends, food and wine. Seriously though, there`s nothing better

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