Why Older Men Prefer Younger Women

My name is Matthew. I'm an investment banker in my mid-50s. I'm divorced, with two adult children. I live in a six-bedroom, suburban home with three dogs. I work most of the time, but I do find time to spend at one of my other homes, or for travelling around the world, which is my passion. I collect classic cars, and enjoy trying different fine dining establishments.

Oh, and I like to date. Most of the time, I go out with women who are quite a bit younger than me.

Although this blog post is entirely my own opinion, I can tell you that many of my peers – older, wealthy men over 50 who are considered to be successful in their careers – are the same as me. They also like to go out with beautiful young women rather than women who are closer to their own age.

I'm not being ageist here, nor am I generalizing. I'm a regular user of sugar daddy sites, where I go to find many of my dates, and many of the men there are in their 50s and 60s, rich, and have their own companies. In fact, their profiles could have been written by me, we are so similar. I've also used regular dating websites, like match.com, and plentyoffish.com, where many men my age are looking for women who are much younger than them.

There are several reasons for this, which I will share with you.

Younger women are less entitled, and more eager to please

I find that older women are more jaded. They feel that because they have had careers and children, they are entitled to a certain kind of treatment. Younger women are more in awe of you and your accomplishments, and are eager to please you by laughing at your jokes, and being kind. That makes a man of any age feel good.

More fun

Younger women are up for anything! They like to stay out late, don't bat an eye at the idea of having a few drinks, and will go on an adventure, like a last-minute flight to the Bahamas, or going to Paris for a weekend without thinking twice. They don't have as many responsibilities as older women do, and their bodies can keep up with their sense of fun. I love their attitude.

More beautiful

Yes, I know that this is shallow, but it's true, and any man who doesn't admit to this is lying. Young women are hot. They have tight, firm bodies because they have time to go to the gym, time hasn't caught up with them yet, and they don't have wrinkles and lines on their faces. They don't rely on Spanx to keep all their body parts in place.


As women age, they become more cautious. I think it's because they know how the real world works, and they've been burned a few times by men in the past. Young women are less jaded, and more willing to take a chance on romance, and possibly love.

This entry was posted by Admin on 02/25/2016