Tired of Tinder? You should try some Alternative

The world of online social networking has given wings to a lot of things that earlier required much effort and time. Dating, in particular, has become much simpler thanks to the various websites and apps that have come up in this regards. People who understand the importance of mature dating can make use of such app. Among the many reasons, the most important factor because of which people make use of such dating apps is the convenience associated with them. When you install an dating app such as Tinder, you get connected directly with various people around you that are looking to date.

If you have been looking for online dating app then you must have heard of Tinder. However, there are various other apps as well that can help you enjoy the same or even better features that one gets from Tinder. People who have already used Tinder and are looking for new options should choose wisely as the market store is filled with dating apps. And each of them claims to be the very best. Finding a good one could be challenging. Following are some of the most popular Tinder like apps from Tinder Alternatives that can help you enjoy the fun of dating directly through your Smartphone:


This is a great option for people looking to date in their friend circle. It connects you automatically to other people on facebook. The only problem is a lot of people who are not looking to date will also get connected with you who.


Happn is a great option if you want to connect with people walking down the street. It has a connecting radius of 250 meters. Has a good interface and easy option to join.


It gives you the power to reach out to people who you know through your friend. It connects to the circle of your friends which are not common to you. This way you get to talk about something common and also have a large number of options. However if the date does not go well and the person that you had approached is close to your friend then things could get a bit complicated.


This application is gaining huge popularity because of the different features it has to offer. It comes with the option to get personalized questions answered from those connecting on the application which increases your chances of finding the right partner.

Thanks to the increasing popularity of such requests, many apps have come up. Some of these apps are fraud and can contain viruses. And make sure that you download only after reading the reviews of past users. Do not get attracted to sites and applications that claim to provide reward prices or ask for money. You can get into big troubles as some such cases have been reported of late. Some websites offer you reviews from experts and the use of these sites can help you chose a good dating app quickly.

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