TinderOver50 - Tinder Alternative for Over 50 Year Olds

There are many apps available for single matured over 50. But they all don't have trust and reliability of Tinder! Thus TinderOver50 is like a perfect alternative to regular Tinder. Online dating is not only for the ones who are in younger age group.

A Dating App Exclusively Designed for Singles Over 50

No app or venture likes to share the back stage discussions with their clients. But at Tinder people believe that there is nothing which they should hide from you. And thus we would like you to know why we created a customized and personal space just for mature singles over 50. Members on this app are driving this platform and thus we love to maintain transparency. TinderOver50 is cerated just for over 50 singles like you.

Most people think mature singles over 50 are facing many difficulties and complications on a common dating platform. You have to put down lot of filters and also the way and etiquettes in which young behave are very different. And sometimes unfriendly for the matured. This is why we chose to create a dedicated platform especially for older people over 50.

TinderOver50 Manually Censor All Profiles

At TinderOver50, we have tried to apply lot of filters and barriers to ensure that nobody creates a fake profile. All the controls are in place but even then we say that we are only 90% successful in controlling fake dating profiles. The age of 50 or above is brittle and sensitive. And while some of the youngsters make these fake profiles just for fun and entertainment. We don't want any sort of them to hit you. People at your age are matured and are looking for partners who are serious and dedicated towards relationship. We want you to find the same in the one you like. TinderOver50 save them from those 'young and energetic madness and false alarms'!


This app offers 24/7 support on all Tinder platforms but segregating Tinderover50 has enabled us to keep a serious eye. We don't want you to wait at all even if we are occupied in different issues. You are our priority and by segregating the platform believe that it would be able to effectively manage and resolve all your queries and doubts.

TinderOver50 has just tried to ensure that you get to chat and meet with people of your age groups in a quick and easy manner. At this over 50 dating ap, we got to know many times that finding singles over the age of 50 becomes little tricky because of huge customer base. Thus by segregating the platform, we have tried to address this issue in a better and refined way.

Last but not the least, you deserve nothing but the best! Whatever you had in your past, it's time to move on and find somebody who is also looking for you! A separate platform for singles over 50 creates a positive mindset and it leads to formation of huge and reliable user base.

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This entry was posted by Admin on 03/29/2016