Online Dating Over 50 - Protect Yourselves from Scammers

Love related scams occur much more frequently than before and this gives real cause for concern. For online dating scammers, people who are 50 and above are usually the target. This is because they are usually richer and more vulnerable than youth. This is why people of this age should be a little more careful when falling in love especially when it is through online dating over 50.

Since most online dating scammers usually show common features, here are some points to note. The first one is bad grammar or bad English. Scammers usually don't have good command of English language, may be because it is not the first language of most of them. So, once you begin to notice too many errors in his/her grammar, you should hold back.

Every time you try to arrange a meeting, he or she will give excuses. This is because scammers are not interested in physical contact, rather, they prefer a virtual relationship that will eventually lead to soliciting for funds directly and indirectly. When he or she begins to give excuses why you can't get to see him/her, you should be careful.

Scammers know that when they begin to ask for money directly, it will expose their real intentions, so they ask for it indirectly by discussing their supposed financial problems with you all the time. Even when you offer to help, he will make to refuse it. But it is a gimmick to cover his real intention. When you notice that your date is always talking about financial problems, you can offer words of advice and encouragement but never offer a dime! Within a short period, he will stop being in contact with you and look for another prey.

A scammer will profess his/her love for you too soon, even when you barely know each other. Scammers know that people are generally generous towards whoever loves them sincerely. This is not to say someone cannot fall in love in the early stage of a relationship. It is just a sign that you may be dating a scammer. Beware of Online Scams: How Singles Over 50 Can Protect Themselves on Dating Sites

Scammers usually like to hide their real identity so you should try to know his true identity as soon as possible. People often register on over 50 dating websites with a username that is not their real name, you should request for the real name (first and last names) of your date. When he eventually gives you, you should search the name on Facebook. If you find him, then he may have told you the truth and he may be sincere with you. But if you don't find him, then he may have used another name. Then, you really need to be careful.

In summary, it is always good to follow your instinct as it will never mislead you. Never give out any information about yourself that will give people an idea of how much you earn. This can be done much later in the relationship.

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