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Love yesterday and today has undergone a plethora of changes. The days when people fell in love looking at each other are gone and today people fall in love with others whose face is anonymous. Dating is the name given to this interesting trend of the day. While the current generation exhibits a lot of interest in dating through faceless communications, many tend to miss the dishonesty element prevalent in it. This lack of honesty is not lopsided by persists in both genders equally.

Owing to the increasing dishonesty levels, the level of manners to be exhibited by men to women have fallen down and women's caution levels have increased by leaps and bounds. Again, men are men and women are women. Modern day men have learnt to be more creative in cheating methodologies making use of the loop holes available in dating online. Equally, modern day women have become more careful than ever when dating with men online. Such deceptive behaviours have given rise to a set of rules to be followed by both the genders while dating online. Online dating etiquettes came into existence to establish proper codes and manners for both the genders that date on popular dating sites. We will discuss about these online etiquettes further in the following paragraphs.

Some common rules

  • Decide sternly before searching online for a dating partner since withdrawing yourself half way through may lead to undesirable consequences.
  • Only if you are truly interested in going for a dating partner can you venture into this. If you do it for fun it will mean playing with the life of another person for whom this may be a serious affair.
  • Avoid dating online just to feel the heck of it. Remember you are dealing with a human being with sincere emotions.
  • Avoid crossing limits at any point of time since irrespective of whether the person on the other side is good or bad, chances of him or her misunderstanding your intentions are high.
  • Be well behaved even though it is online dating since any sort of discourtesy shown is unacceptable

Follow these etiquettes to choose the Dating Agency

  • Online dating agencies have invaded the web so much that when you search for a dating agency, it may throw up thousands of links. Ensure through thorough studies that you are exploring the top dating sites that are genuine.
  • Best dating websites give trial periods during which time period you can browse through the profiles suitable for your online dating.
  • When you have chosen the profile, pay the subscription fee required by the website.
  • Ensure you reject any dating site that appears to be messy or fraudulent.
  • Pay subscription fee only after going through the Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions of enrollment thoroughly.
  • Follow the dating etiquette form expert`s advice.

Name and Mail address related Etiquettes

  • Ensure the online username for dating site you provide is decent and serves your purpose in the right manner. Funny or slick names provided may bring you a wrong unimpressive or misleading match.
  • For whatever it is worth, create a separate mail ID whose pattern is totally different from your regular mail ID. This will help you keep yourself away from cyber abuse.

Etiquettes pertaining to the profile you upload

  • Be honest to upload only the correct profile of yours since this is going to speak volume about you as a person.
  • Any wrong information provided by you through your profile may turn out to be detrimental to you on the long run.
  • Remember to fill in the form completely on all aspects so your time and your prospective date's time doesn't get wasted.
  • Do not make spelling or grammar errors since this may throw a bad light on you as a personality.
  • Ensure you post a recent photograph of yours o you don't give or get shocks at a matured stage of dating.

Handling the response

  • You may get responses either in the mail ID you provided or the response may be vide an online chat.
  • Irrespective of the mode of response, respond back only if you are really interested.
  • If there is no response for your communication for the profile you are interested, do not initiate another communication. Drop the same.
  • Ensure to treat the other person with due respect in a dignified manner.

Replying to responses – Mail / Online Chat / Face to face

  • Make sure you respond to genuine replies for your advertisement.
  • Your replies must be polite and to the point so not too much of commitment gets established to undeserving responses.
  • Respond as early as possible since everyone deserves respect due to them.
  • Be polite and at the same time, remain non-committal since the first date may not be the end of it all.

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