5 Best Mobile-Friendly Online Dating Apps in 2016

Many online dating services are only able to provide their full features via access to internet websites by a computer. Online dating proves to be popular amongst busy users on the move who are unable to put in the time for traditional dating, and its online presence has given it a flexibility that draws users in. Due to this success, the accessibility of mobile-friendly online dating apps has been on the rise, and has become increasingly efficient and reliable among online daters. Here are some popular and credible mobile dating apps that you need to try out:

1. Zoosk
Zoosk is a mobile dating app available for iPhone users that has been a consistent top favorite among online daters. It allows users to sign up for free, although a paid subscription will give you access to a number of unique features as well as the ability to chat with matches and make further connections. It can also be used as a Facebook app, and downloaded for Android.

2. OkCupid
Highly reliable and well-known, OkCupid is free and allows you to access the web version easily from your mobile phone. It provides a mobile-only app with simple features and location-base. You can sign into it through Facebook, or directly on the app, and can access its features to find people in your local area and swipe to match. OkCupid's user profiles also feature your percentages similar to what is featured on web-based site, which makes it easy to gauge where your connections stand.

3. PlentyOfFish
PlentyOfFish is also a well-known top favorite that boasts as one of the largest free dating sites with a large mobile-based membership. The app is free and offers availability in five different languages. Users are able to sign up for free and search for other singles using the mobile app through different advanced search filters, as well as a number of premium features such as "View Interaction" and "Places", which gives users a list of potential date spots.

4. Tinder
Tinder has become a recently highly popular location-based mobile app used for swiping and matching with others in the area. Users can download the mobile app on either an iPhone or Android phone and connect through Facebook to confirm legitimacy, and then search through potential matches and swipe on those they wish to match with. There is a text message style chatting feature used directly through the app. It simplicity and free use has made it highly popular among younger populations, whether you're just looking for a casual hook-up or a romantic relationship.

5. Let's Date
Another mobile dating app, users can sign up and create a "date card" through connecting to their Facebook profile. A majority of the users are between 18-35 years old. The app matches you with other compatible users and allows you to confirm whether or not you'd like to connect with the profiles you've matched with. Let's Date allows you to easily create a profile and scroll through matches in an efficient and simple way.

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