Men`s Samples


Men`s Sample 1: Approachable
I know the first thing you`re going to do is to look at my photos! Go ahead, I`ll wait…I`m guessing if you`ve read this far it means I`ve passed the photo test. (Witty opening) I was raised in Connecticut and moved to New York after colleague. I eventually ended up on the west coast and after a seven year stint in LA I decided to move back. I love my time in CA, especially Santa Barbara and Santa Inez. I returned to NYC two yars ago and haven`t looked back. I`m super happy to be here. — Gives insight into his background. Might have a “Cali” attitude. Positive tone.

I`m just as comfortable playing bocce in some random Brooklyn bar as I would be attending a charity event in Manhattan or a baseball game in Queens. (Shows to spontaneity and personality without explicitly saying it. Good.) As long as I`m surrounded by good people, I always find a way to have fun. — Examples provide good things to ask about, like “Where is the Brooklyn bar with bocce?”

Seriously, I could go on and on about my virtues and vices likes and dislikes, but I`ve decided to throw caution to the wind and just put it our there – just looking to find that smart and funny woman to spend amazing time with. — Again, insight into spontaneous personality

Men`s Sample 2: Casual
I am convinced that your favorite Sesame Street character tells a lot about your personality. (Witty opener) I am in the corporate world but have hippie sensibilities. I remember my “please” and “thank you” and never take anyone for granted. (Who doesn`t like a gentleman) I am spontaneous even when i plan to be. If I`m feeling lucky, I`ll split two 8`s against a 9. I`ve been called a walking Shazaam (the music service…I can`t grant wishies). I prefer coffee ice cream to coffee and darts to pool. I`m always up for a good opera,,,it`s only chance I get to nap. — Shows he knows music without saying it outright.

In the past 18 months, I have run 2 marathons and six half-marathons, summitted two mountains over 13.3k feet and another over 14.4k feet (Mount Rainier), bungee-jumped, spelunked, and sky-dived, traveled to new and favorite places (Nicaragua, Honduras, France, Switzerland), and snowboarded in Colorado, Utah and Mont Tremblant. In other words, I like to be on the move. I keep hearing from girlfriends that men in NYC are intimidated bu smart, successful women. That`s absurd. I`m not. If you fit that description, write me. Let`s make it happen. — Gives great examples of his active lifestyle. Great job making the most of a misconception

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