Helpful Hints For Avoiding Senior Dating Scammers

Senior dating sites provide a number of helpful benefits to those who seek likeminded individuals to spend time with, but they can also be dangerous to those who are not adequately prepared. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of useful pointers for steering clear of would be scammers.

There are three telltale signs that a person is not quite what they seem, so be sure to read on and learn more about these red flags. Knowing how to spot them is half of the battle.

1. Overt Eagerness

While there will always be people out there who are incredibly lonely and looking to use senior dating sites as a means of ending their isolation, even these people tend to know how to keep a respectful distance and avoid coming across as too eager. If the person you are conversing with wants to meet immediately and asks for your phone number during an initial correspondence, this is usually a warning sign.

Do not give out your phone number until you are truly confident that the person is who they say they are. Scammers can easily use your phone number to perform what is known as a reverse look up and find out where you live with relative ease. Handing out your phone number to someone who is too eager can put your residence in danger.

2. Refusal To Meet Publicly

A person who steadfastly refuses to have the first meeting in a public place is usually not what they seem. Scammers cannot afford to waste a great deal of time on any one victim in particular, as their enterprise is built on trying to snare as many seniors as possible. If you openly explain your reticence about a private meeting to the person and they still refuse, this is a massive red flag.

If they insist on picking you up, this may also be a scam. It is also a good idea to let a trusted friend or family member know where your first date will be taking place before heading out. Tell your date you are doing so and if they react unfavorably, this is a clear sign that you need to move on.

3. Requesting Personal Information

This one should be obvious. There is no scenario that requires you to hand ANY personal information whatsoever when you are using senior dating sites. If the person asks for banking information, a social security number, your home address or phone number during the initial message exchange, they are working with scammers.

The same goes for anyone who has an elaborate story about why they need money. Unfortunately, the senior dating world is filled with scammers who attempt to prey on the kindness of others, so avoid those "nice" people who are having an "emergency" at all costs.

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