First Date Activity For Senior Singles

A first date can be difficult to navigate at any point in life, and navigating this issue is no less stressful for a senior citizen. As we see more and more seniors begin dating over the age of fifty again they have a different kind of fear about a first date. What in the world do we go do?

Picnic and walk through the park

Getting ready for the first date with a new person does not have to be that difficult. It can be as simple as a picnic and walk in the park with that new special person. Planning a picnic is rather simple and makes a great first date no matter what age you are.

A picnic is intimate yet public providing security for both parties. Conversation can take place during the picnic, this is the time where you can get to know the new special someone without feeling like disclosing more than you are ready too.

Walking through the park before or after is a good way to either become hungry before or walk off dessert after. This is also no threatening to most people as there are plenty of other people around making most people feel safe with a new person.

Dinner and a Movie

This is a classic and most traditional first date for almost every age group. This date should be designed for both parties to feel comfortable. A nice restaurant and a movie that both parties want to see is a great way to break the ice and have something to talk about later on that evening. Going to the movie first is a great way to take care of that awkward moment of silence that seems to happen during every first date because then the two people have something to talk about at dinner.

These two ideas are generally the standard go to for most people because they both provide a level of security and comfort as they are both very public places. Security is a big issue this day and age so taking a date to the bar on the first date is probably not the best idea as this can bring on a defensive posture from the date. Another not so great first date idea is going to the other person's home for the date. No one ever know just what they are getting into on that first date so keeping it public is always a good idea.

When it comes to picking that first date place for seniors, consideration should be made for the crowd that frequents the location. Seniors may not feel comfortable with a lot of children around or a lot of noise so parks, nice restaurants and movie theaters seem to be safe bets because well there are a certain type of manner expected in those places.

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