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The following are the five best rated sites for people that are over 50 and looking for a date, romance, or potential marriage. The over 50 dating sites reviews are based on what real people over 50 that have used the sites have to say about the availability of people of the appropriate age, the functionality of the site in connecting people, and the costs if any.

1) is rated the best by people over 50. The functionality of the site appeals to people that may not be geeks. The number of people over 50 that regularly access Match is larger than any other dating site. The site has an undeniable appeal to people over 50 who are expecting to find a date in a more traditional manner.

Signing up with Match is free. You are allowed to enter as much information or as little as you like. The security of the site is rated one of the best by external security monitors. Prices are $19.99 per month if you sign up for a year.

2) is rated second by reviewers in overall satisfaction. The claims about scientifically based selection of potential dating partners are valid based on the comments of people over 50 that have used the site. Be prepared for a lengthy and intimate sign up process. The idea is to match you with a totally compatible small set of potential mates and dates.

One of the most praised parts of eHarmony is the lack of searching. You get access to all the members but a select few are chosen that fit your preferences in almost every aspect of life. The site has never been hacked. Costs can be as low as $11.95 per year.

3) is the oldest and most easily accessible dating sites for people over 50. The site has undergone a makeover to accommodate the needs of people looking for romance or marriage on a dating site. You get three ways to look for a date. You can search, do a quick view of hundreds of people that live near you, or use a patented matchmaking algorithm to find your perfect date.

Zoosk lets you use Facebook if you like. The majority of users find the site to be one of the most easily navigated dating sites. The high level of details in profiles is exceptional. Costs are $12.49 per month.

4) was specifically designed for people 50 and older. The site's magazine lets you brag about your successes in life and is recommended as a way to attract a like-minded companion. You can even get advice about dating if you have been out of the dating scene for a number of years.

OurTime has gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent scammers and the unsuitable from remaining on the site. The site lets you opt out of ads if you wish. Browsing is facilitated by a complete instruction manual. Costs are $13.99 per month.

5) is considered one of the easiest dating sites to use. There are plenty of fish that are 50 and older on the site. The users that reviewed the site claim that the level of detail provided by personal PDF files that are only available on the user's approval makes the site one of the safest and most user friendly dating sites. Users decide how much information they want to share.

PlentyOfFish makes searching painless. Complete protection against malware is provided. The site is free but you have to pay $5.95 per month for access to the detailed descriptions of members.

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