Biggest Complaints Women Have About Online Dating Sites

Today, millions of people around the world use online dating sites to meet each other. What was once considered an experimental way of getting together has now gone mainstream thanks to the advances of the internet and the acceptance of meeting new people online.

While online dating services offer many advantages, there are many women who have complaints about the system itself or the people that the meet. Understanding the complaints that women have will help the men on online dating sites to make the best-informed decisions about how to proceed.

Inaccurate Profile Picture

Nothing is worse for women or men for that matter than to meet someone who doesn't look like their profile picture. The most common complaint is the picture was taken several years earlier, so be sure that your profile picture is a recent and accurate one.

Mismatched Profiles

Another common complaint is that the person they are being matched with does not meet the standards they have set out. For example, meeting someone who smokes when they clearly state that they prefer non-smokers. For online dating sites that "match" people together, this can be quite annoying. For standard dating sites, it pays for men to read the woman's profile and if there is any conflict to bring up the subject early so there is no misunderstanding.

Message Volume

Generally, the complaints are either not getting enough messages or too many of them. At first, this may seem like a difficult thread to needle, but the truth is that most men can avoid this situation by simply replying to all messages in a timely fashion. No need to go overboard on the number of messages you send out. One-to-one is a good ratio and you will need to respond fully so that there is no misunderstanding.

Going Too Fast

Many women enjoy the courtship and want it to continue for a while, most often longer than men. So, men will need to be patient during this time and keep on buying the drinks, having lunch, and taking things one at a time. This is a way for a woman to weed out the men looking for a one-night stand or have lied on their profile.

Going Sexual Too Soon

It's common knowledge that a man is generally ready for sex before the woman, although there are exceptions. However, many women complain that men seem to think of online dating as only a means to get sex. So, for men who are looking for something more than that, keep the sexual innuendo out of the conversation until she brings it up.

No Means No

Sometimes you will find a good match, but more often you will strike out. Another complaint that women have about men are those who do not take "no" for an answer. While there are situations that can be remedied, once it is clear that she is not willing to go any further you should take her word for it and move on.

By taking these complaints into account, a man can prove to be a much better date when going online.

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