4 Best Practices for Using Senior Dating Sites

So you have made the decision to rejoin the online senior dating world and have taken the most important step in creating an online profile on a dating website. Like trying anything else no or for the first time, you may be feeling uneasy and even downright nervous about your decision to jump into online dating over 50 for the first time. That is all very normal. Here we will list out some of the best practices to relieve a lot of your anxiety and nervousness about taking the online leap in finding your next companion on senior dating sites.

Best Practices Senior Dating

Use Good Pictures of Yourself

Avoid the selfie! Find some great current photos of yourself that your friends or family have taken. Taking a photo of yourself and looking your very best can be difficult. You don't want to hold your phone up to the mirror like some high school kid. You have had life experiences and many of those experiences have come with photographic proof of a life well lived. Show off your friends and family, in the background of course, and show any potential companion that you are living well with the company of people you love.

Do Not Give out Personal Information Before You Are Ready

Do not put your personal email address or phone number on your profile for the public to see. Leave that information for when you are comfortable having the person you have chosen to see it and to contact you directly. You want to message people through the approved and private messaging service provided on the dating website throughout the early stages of your profile. You want to hold on to your personal contact information the best you can throughout the entire online dating process.

Don't Give out Your Address

While these online senior dating sites do thorough checks to make sure no bad actors get through the cracks, sometimes you will still find people who are looking to prey on the elderly, who are unfamiliar with internet security. Never let anyone know that you live alone or where they can find you. Hometowns are fine, but make sure there are no identifiable landmarks in the background of your photographs to make sure people can not discern just where you live as you look for a companion. Do not make yourself a target.

Take Your Time in Finding a Partner

Some online profiles can be inactive and still up, so don't get discouraged if you aren't getting messages back from the people you have reached out too. In the senior online dating bracket, you will find that profiles are not monitored every day and they may be answering inquiries once or twice a week versus every day. Be sure to see what messages get responses back and continue to develop what works for you. Read the biographies on each profile and make each message unique and worthwhile. Fill out your whole profile so that people know how to respond to you!