Best Flirting Tips for Older Men

Are you an older man dating? Chances are you have been out of the dating game for a little bit. How do you flirt with those around you without coming off as just being nice. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best flirting tips for older men to use when dating.

Older Men Flirting

Use Your Smile

One of your best assets when it comes to making other people happy is to use your smile. Find reasons to make yourself smile when dating to make any flirting come off as more genuine. Countless studies have shown us that a smile can be contagious. If you smile, you can make those around you happy.

Beyond that, a smile can make yourself happier. Studies have also shown that when we smile chemicals are released in our brains that make us happier. Think of your smile as a natural positivity boast that can help you succeed on your date.

Make Your Date Feel Comfortable

We need to work to make our dates feel comfortable. How comfortable your date feels will determine how effective your flirting is. So an uncomfortable date will be less receptive to any flirting you do.

Find little ways to make your date feel more comfortable. A lot of this comes down to reading your date. Do they want you to stay further away or closer? Are they okay with comments on their appearance or not? Etc. No one date is the same.

A lie can pretty easily be detected and will immediately put your date on edge. As a general rule you should always be telling the truth to your date. This will put them at ease and you too. If you tell the truth they will know they like you for who you are too.

Keep the Conversation Going and Balanced

Nothing is worse for a date than sitting there in awkward silence. We want to keep the conversation going. Without an active conversation, you will have a lot of trouble flirting. Coming out of nowhere with flirting when there is no conversation will come off as weird. Have some questions and talking points ready to help the conversation keep going.

At the same time that you want to keep the conversation going, you want to keep it balanced. An unbalanced conversation will make flirting come off as odd. This is true with either end of the spectrum, it can come off as weird if you focus on yourself too much or if you focus on your date too much. Finding the balance is key.

Make Eye Contact

Eye contact by itself can be considered flirting. It is so rare to find a man that can maintain a good level of eye contact that women notice when they can. You want to maintain enough eye contact so that it feels like you have an interest in your date. Eye contact can be impressive and your eyes are not just windows into your soul but they can convey your intentions in the moment.

As an important note, you do not want your eye contact to come off as a staring contest. Make sure not to constantly stare into your date's eyes in a challenging way.

Flirt With Your Whole Body

You are not just flirting with what you say. Your whole body can be a tool for flirting. As you talk with your date, change your posture, move your eyes, change your facial expressions. Show them with your body that you are interested in them, don't just tell them how interested you are with them.

We want to do our best to flirt with our dates. Older men who are looking to flirt should take a look at these tips and start to use them when trying to flirt. What you say will change based on who you are going out with and who you are. How you say it always matters.