50more Review

50more is a dating website for singles over 50 looking for love, friendship, or casual dating later in life. Providing most of its content free of charge, 50more is a good option for single men and women over 50 looking to get back into the dating scene without committing hundreds of dollars for an online dating service.


50more uses a matching algorithm to provide its members with personalized matches that meet their unique preferences. While focusing primarily on dating, the website is also suitable for people aged 50 and above that are looking for friendships or someone to share activities with.

That said, most of the users here are looking for romantic connections, be it long-term relationships after a divorce or enjoying the pleasures of casual dating as a mature adult. It's also entirely free to use so there is no harm in giving it a try at least once!



Registering an account with 50more is straight-forward enough, although you will want to set aside some time to answer questions that are used to create personalized matches.

You can sign up with 50more using your Facebook account, which syncs much of your personal info automatically to your profile. Another option is to sign up using an email account, which requires some basic information to create your profile.

Once you've created your account, you'll be asked to answer a variety of questions such as your sexuality, what you're looking for from dating, what you like in people, how you describe yourself, personal interests etc.

It may feel like a lot of effort answering various questions but it does make your matching on the dating site much more effective. The more information 50more has on you the better matches they can provide you with using their personalized matching system.


50more is completely free to use. This includes messaging functions that are usually locked behind paid memberships, so you can use the dating site to match and chat with fellow over 50 singles and never need to spend a cent.

Many people are put off by the extortionate prices charged by major online dating companies, so the fact that 50more is free to use will be very appealing to many.

That said, there is a premium membership for monthly fee (starting as low as $17.99/Month) that does come with a few added bonuses, although the core features (matching and messaging) remain 100% free.


Personalized Matches

50more uses an advanced algorithm to produce personalized matches for each member based on their personality, dating desires, and other personal information. The algorithm bases it matches on three aspects - vitality, openness, and culture (VOC) - resulting in highly accurate matches between members that share similar interests, personalities, passions, and goals in life.


Once 50more completes its personalized matching system you're provided with daily introductions. These are basically match recommendations that have used both members' VOC information to determine their compatibility with each other. The higher the VOC percentage the better the match you're likely to be!

You receive new introductions each day, meaning you don't need to spend endless hours searching dating profiles to find someone you like. The matches are surprisingly accurate so there is a good chance of getting matched with someone you'll like, with the option to like or hide any matches depending on your preferences.


You don't just receive introductions of your curated matches - other members will be introduced to your profile too. When this occurs and someone likes your profile, they are listed as an admirer, letting you know they're interested.

Both introductions and admirers help users see who is interested and save the hassle of constantly searching for matches on your own.


50more has a standard messaging feature that is used to contact users. There are two main ways to start a conversation, using your own words to break the ice or using a pre-written message. These messages are designed to help people that are unsure or nervous about starting conversations.

Deal Breakers

Deal Breakers is 50more's filtering system that lets you adjust your matching preferences based on factors such as age, location, smoking etc. It is a paid feature though!


50more is an over 50 dating site offering a simple yet effective way to connect with fellow singles. It's very easy to use and provides you with a good number of daily matches that save the hassle of searching for date online. Best of all it is completely free to use!

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